Top Greatest Golf Champions of All Time

Are you an avid supporter of a golf game? Then, you are most likely familiar with the masters golf champions. Let us return and give acknowledgement to many golf champions who made the world proud.

What makes a main Championship great? Is it an enthralling story? A dramatic finish? A historically vital result? A record-terrific performance? A great player winning? Yes, yes and yes. All of these qualities, be it in combination or individually are considered as a strong foundation to have a record-breaking winning game. Competitive players with strong determination and playing goals in life are sure to win a match.

Golf Champions Of All Time

Over the years, there have been several masters golf champions, from names like Harry Vardon, Phil Mickelson and Old Tom Morris, to the most recent names such as Keegan Bradley and Rory Mcllroy. Of the hundreds who played the golf champions game, the list will recognize names of the golf champions of all time who made it on the top.

• Jack Nicklaus

Named as “The Golden Bear”, Jack Nicklaus is definitely the best golfers of all time in the golf history. He holds a record of 73 wins including 6 masters and 18 major championships. Nicklaus’s glorious career has expanded for more than 23 years and he made himself as the most proficient and accomplished golfer ever. He has completed the Grand Slam career a record four times. How incredible, isn’t it? Not only that, Nicklaus also authored numerous books that are related to golf. To date, he is the greatest golfer our world has.

• Tiger Woods

During his prime, Tiger Woods was considered as the best golfer the world has ever witnessed. Winning U.S Open Championship by fifteen shots, British Open by 11, the “Tiger Slam” and Masters by 12. These are some of the things that set him apart from others. It may seem quite unlikely for a sport like golf to acquire lots of money in the bank but the insight has changed if you see Tiger Woods who has been among the world’s highest paid Athlete for many years.

• Walter Hagen

This master of golf championships is one of the most powerful golfers across the world. In his glorious golf career, Hagen won 11 major championships and was hailed as a national hero because he became the first American golfer ever to earn a British Open. However, he didn’t stop there. He went on to win 3 more Open titles in his golf career.

• Ben Hogan

Hogan also hits the list as one of the best golfers in the world because of his incredible success and talent. Plus, he is frequently thought of as having the most perfect swing of golf in the history of sport. Nobody prepared nor practiced more than Hogan, and nobody spent as much time to work on swing technique and mechanics as anyone who came before this man. He was the consumable ball striker who won 3 consecutive majors in 1953. These include the U.S Open, the British Open and the Masters.

• Gary Player

In the golf sport history, Gary Player is the most successful non-American golf player. This incredible golfer managed to achieve the Grand Slam at the age of 29. He is being tagged as “Black Knight” because he typically wore black during golf course. In his splendid golf career, Gary Player has proven a lot by winning 9 major tournaments, 3 open championships and 6 golf champions tours.

Player also impressed people completing the career grand slam, and has achieved 165 successes on 6 continents for the past six years. What’s more, he has written many books and designed over 300 courses.

• Sam Snead

Up to date, Sam Snead is the winning player ever on the PGA tour, with one of the sugary swings someone has ever witnessed. He accumulated 81 PGA tour wins, all while playing in the age of Nelson and Hogan. Sam Snead won the West Virginia Open seventeen times, frequently playing in naked feet during the early days. He made a mark in the golf history by winning a LPGA event which is called Royal Poinciana Plaza Invitational, against fifteen other golfers. He is the only male golfer to won a women’s tournament ever.

These names are some of the best golf spikers with extraordinary swing techniques. Since then and until now, they never stop bringing pride to their native country and to the world. This only shows how skillful everyone is. We have our own unique talents that make us stand out among others, and it happens that Nicklaus, Woods, Hagen, Hogan, Player, Snead, among others are very prominent for being golf masters.